Why GNG? Is there any need for another ministry?

GNG (Gospel for the New Generation) is a ministry designed to help unbelievers to overcome intellectual obstacles to conversion and believers to remove doubts that hinder spiritual growth.
GNG give effective responses to hard questions people ask about Christianity. Helping people understand the full glory of what the gospel offers often means taking the trouble to explain central Christian ideas to people who may recognize the words but not the reality they present.

Reason 1:
Today many people have to commit an intellectual suicide to believe the God in this new scientific generation. Can God and science co-exist? This is the main basic question that rises in every education person, because we are now in the middle of a global revolution in information technology with rapid advances of all kinds. Our age is rightly termed as the “Information Age”. As technology is transforming the way in which we think and live, the challenges for a Christian are of unprecedented magnitude.
In such developing scenario faith v/s science question remains as an intellectual challenges for a disciple of Christ. We might be tempted to doubt the trustworthiness and truthfulness of the Biblical revelation and may find ourselves difficult to hold a genuine faith along with higher academic pursuits. We Christians have a responsibility to point to God revealed in Jesus Christ through whom everything has been made.

Reason 2:
We thought that gospel is unreached for the people who are in remote places, but we forget the people who are in our own towns and cities, for whom the gospel is really unreached, especially students and intellectuals.
So, here is the GNG visiting students and intellectuals and conducting seminars, and open discussions in various colleges and universities and making them to think (as Jesus said “…love your Lord with all your mind”, and Isa 1:18 says, “Come let Us reason together”). This is the ministry which gives reason that leads to the reality – the ultimate reality, Lord Jesus.
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